Takeaway Creative Co. is the fancy name for the young creative duo of Emma Bryant and Corey Vaughn. Together, we are dedicated to helping small businesses and startups create powerful brands. The name “Takeaway” was inspired by the convenient and affordable services that we hope to offer, as well as an homage to the late-night, take-out fueled work sessions that power the beginnings of small businesses and startups.

We’ve spent several years working for nonprofits, startups and local businesses, seeing the impact a great brand can have for the underdogs. But too often these small business owners get priced out of quality full service branding.

We’re here to create affordable and effective services that focus less on the bottom line, and instead on creating something meaningful and personal. Check out our office to learn a little bit more about our process and how we work as digital nomads.

We love to hear small-biz and startup stories, and especially about the people behind them. Drop us a line below, share a thought, a story, or let us know if you’re interested in working together.

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